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Sunday, October 08, 2006
ASG 142 Skype Mouse Phone

The features of the mouse are as follows : A green color 1.3 inch LCD display screen,Displays Skype Contact lists and their status, Build-in microphone and speaker, Separate sound chip to enhance Softphone VoIP call quality, Single USB Cable to handle both mouse and phone, Supports hands-free speaker phone, Dot matrix caller-ID and Volume Control IM, Auto detection between Mouse and Phone, Uses USB 1.1 USB interface without extra power or sound card, Light weight (100 grams).

In short it is a fun product which works as a mouse and a Skype phone with decent sound quality and a lot of options which will surely make a special appeal to the millions of Skype phone users.

posted by Zola @ 11:26 AM  
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