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Tuesday, January 30, 2007
Ice Skating World Competition in Warsaw

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Hot Mom Commercial
This Mom could pass as a sister anytime. Awesome body on her.

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Sunday, January 28, 2007
10 Craziest USB drives of 2007
10. The USB Puppet Bags

The USB Puppet Bags

Ok, I admit - this isn’t a complete USB drive - it’s only a masquerade costume for your boring typical, standard USB drive. Quite weird design, ey?

The USB Puppet Bags []

9. The Altoids USB mod

The Altoids USB drive

How about a nice little metal Altoids box sticking out of your computer? This nice little USB drive is designed by Phillip Mates.

The Altoids USB mod []

8. The USB mince pie

The USB mince pie

Check out this incredible detailed and accurate mince pie reproduction. I wonder why they placed that little LED on top, as I think it would be even cooler without it.

The USB mince pie []

7. Wooden memory sticks

Wooden memory sticks

I really like these wooden USB drives from the dutch company oooms. They are quite expensive (about $90 for the 1GB version) but they are all made out of real wooden pieces by hand.

Wooden memory sticks< []

6. The Holy bible drive

The Holy bible drive

This USB drive comes with the bible on it. The connector is hidden inside the bible so you have to use a little sliding switch before you can use it. I wonder if you’ll go to hell if you store prOn on the holy bible?

The holy bible drive []

5. Crazy rabbit usb drive

Crazy rabbit usb drive

This freaky little rabbit USB drive is designed by Micah Laaker, the design manager for Yahoo!’s personalization, RSS and membership teams. Cool one, right?

Rabbit usb drive []

4. The Bowling ball USB drive

The Bowling ball USB drive

Ok, now things are really getting weird. How would you like to drag around on a full weigh (16 pounds / 7 kg) ten-pin bowling ball? This one is actually a fully functional USB drive that is capable of breaking your little laptop into pieces. It’s designed by Chris Spurgeon.

The Bowling ball USB drive []

3. Chewbacca drive

The Chewbacca drive

Jeremy Harrington is the man behind this really nice Star Wars Chewbacca USB drive. It’s not a geeky little Chewiw mimobot - this is the real thing! Yeah! Hear me roar!

Chewie USB drive []

2. The Humping dog USB memory

The Humping dog USB memory

Yes! We’re finally getting closer to the number one position, only one mor to go. Here’s a really weird little USB drive that has one thing that is really unique - it features moving parts. As soon as you plug the humping dog into your computer it starts humping it. Check out this video clip to see it in action! Who! Who! Who let the dogs out!

The humping dog USB memory []

1. The Teddy USB memory

The Teddy USB memory

Drumroll please! Tada, here’s the final winner. It’s a bit different than the last winner (the USB Barbie drive) but it’s still a really cool and weird USB drive. You just rip the head off and plug it in! It’s designed by Sergio de Ana and as it doesn’t look like a typical USB drive, it’s probably quite safe to store data in it as long as you keep it’s head on! I bet you have to be careful with this one to not scare the kids, hehe.

The Teddy USB []

Honorable mentions

And here’s a few that didn’t make it into the final list, but still are worth a link.

The Tako Yaki

The Holy bible drive

The Tako Yaki looks so yummy that it deserves an honorable mention.
Tako Yaki USB Drive []

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Thursday, January 25, 2007
2007 Sexy Girls Calendars
First one

Second one

Third one


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